Wawasan Volume XXV – 1 Rini Susrijani

The Colonial Other: Post-Colonialism in Louise Erdrich’s Love Medicine

and Sherman Alexie’s Reservation Blues

Rini Susrijani

Fakultas Ekonomi, Universitas Katolik Widya Karya

email: rini_susrijani@widyakarya.ac.id


Post-colonial literature is defined by Bill Ashcroft et al. as a type of literature that foregrounds the tensions produced by the clash of the colonizer and the colonized. Love Medicine and Reservation Blues can be regarded as post-colonial literature in that the two texts give voice to the Native Americans whose life has been dominated by the white system. This paper explores the way the two texts express the feelings of the oppressed and the marginalized Native Americans, particularly in the way they re-construct the white system as the flawed antagonist or the ‘other’.


Keywords: Literature; post-colonialism; American novel; Native Americans; the other

Halaman 52 – 58

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