Wawasan Volume II – 1 F.X. Agung Perkasa Jampur



This study focus on how to optimize the process of re-registration of students using computer-based barcodes. The process of re-registration often experience problems when changing the status of the student. Barcode technology is able to make the process of reading the data more quickly and efficiently. By creating an application using PHP and MySQL that can read barcodes and automatically connect to the database Academic Information System is able to overcome problems during the process of re-registration at the Catholic University of Widya Karya Malang From the research design of the database, a master’s student, master status, faculty master, master jurusanprodi, table maintenance status of students, and master academic year. The draft form used the login form, the form student status maintenance. The results of the implementation of applications such as user login form that is used in this case is the financial admin staff, after login will go to the maintenance status of the student is used to change the status of students who will perform re-registration. After conducting tests on the student card is produced that alter the activity of student status simply by putting the card in barcode reader automatically. So that the application is able to improve effectiveness in service re-registration. From the discussion that has been described in previous chapters, it can be concluded that the re-registration process optimization using computer-based barcode can improve the performance and efficiency of the service re-registration to overcome the obstacles faced by the finance bureau at the Catholic University of Widya Karya Malang.

Keyword: re-registration, optimize, and barcode

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