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The financial statements are one source of information that can be used to determine the company’s financial position, performance, and assist in making the right decision. Poor financial performance could trigger bankruptcy. This study was conducted to test the measurement Camel ratios to predict problematic conditions at state-owned banks and BUSN the period 2008-2011. Sampling of this study using purposive sampling method, a sample of 50 banking companies in accordance with predetermined criteria for a period of study from 2008 to 2011, the data obtained from Infobank Banking Directory and magazines. Analytical methods used to test the research hypothesis is logistic regression.
The results show that the CAMEL financial ratios have predictive power for the classification or condition financially troubled banks, banks that were merged, and the bank went bankrupt. From the analysis of the results of logistic regression estimation show the predictive ability of the condition CAMEL troubled banking sector amounted to 63.1% while the rest, amounting to 36.9% explained by other variables outside the model. From the results of logistic regression analysis estimated that the partial ROA variable significantly and negatively related to the problematic conditions. While variable NPL, ROA, and LDR positive effect but not significant and negative effecting ROE but not significantly to the problematic conditions in the banking sector and Variables.

Keywords: financial distress, mergers, bankruptcies, financial ratios, logistic regression.

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