Wawasan Volume I – 2 Celina Tri Siwi K.

Aspek Hukum Eksekusi Jaminan Fidusia




Law No. 42 Year 1999 on Fiduciary is a rule that takes into account the needs of the community in the field of credit to guarantee the economic material. Rules collateral material, especially moving objects previously set in the Civil Code Article 1152 paragraph (2) which requires the ownership control of moving objects in the hands of creditors (inbezitstelling), so that the debtor objected if the object is still used to make ends meet. Law no. 42 of 1999 grant privileges (preference) to creditors in the debtor’s repayment of debt through the execution of fiduciary object. This paper is going to examine the legal aspects of the execution of fiduciary according to Law no. 42 of 1999. Conclusions obtained fiduciary execution can be carried out with three (3) ways: 1. Implementation executorial title; 2. Sales objects into objects fiduciary on fiduciary powers itself through a public tender; 3. Sales under the hand.

Keywords: execution, fiduciary

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