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Cut flowers, need water and nutrients to maintain freshness. Roses are known for beauty , elegance , and fragrance . The aim of research to determine the temperature of the soaking water and giving a solution of cut roses fresheners in order to improve the quality of freshness and extending shelf flowers.
The research material Pergiwa flower varieties ( dark red ) from the village of Sidomulyo District of Batu , Batu . Research using factorial randomized block design with three replications . Treatment of two factors ; first soaking water temperature consists of three levels; 30oC ± 2oC , 40° C ± 2° C and 50°C ± 2°C , and the concentration of citric acid is comprised of three levels ; 100, 200, 300 ppm . Observations are changes in weight and organoleptic test florescence, texture, and overall visual quality. The variables that influenced significantly tested F, followed by LSD test α = 5 %.
Response drop weight rose stems show water soaking treatment temperature and citric acid showed real interaction . Weight reduction rose stems observations indicate sixth day immersion in water temperature 30oC and 100 ppm citric acid, 11.99 % weight reduction and soaking water temperature of 40°C and 200 ppm citric acid weight loss of 3.83% . Organoleptic test scores florescence observations sixth day of 1.43 to 3.14 means very blooming flowers to bloom once . Flower texture scores of 1.29 to 3.29 means very wilted flowers until slightly wilted . The visual quality of the highest overall score of 3.0 with the treatment temperature of 40oC soaking water and citric acid to 200 ppm . Lowest score of 1.57 treatments soaking water temperature 50°C and 300 ppm citric acid .
The conclusion was that the temperature of the soaking water and citric acid showed real interaction on weight reduction ( % ) stem roses . Soaking water temperature 40 ° C and 200 ppm citric acid is a good treatment for immersion rose cut flowers . Organoleptic until the sixth day observation scores florescence 3.14 ( blooms ) , texture 3.29 ( slightly wilted , limited market ) and the overall visual quality of 3 ( can be marketed limited ) .
Keywords: cut roses; Solution fresheners; Soaking temperature ; power display

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