Wawasan Vol III – 1 Andy Endra Krisna



This study was conducted to analyze the script of “Coach Carter” movie which further developed to find the implied moral values. In this study, one question emerged, namely; what are the moral values found in “Coach Carter” film script? The purpose of this study was to find data about the moral values implied in the script. The rest was used to verify the data and to conclude that “Coach Carter” was a decent movie to watch and to serve as learning material because it contained moral values of life and character education. The character education meant here were 18 points of character education proposed by the Indonesian national character and cultural education. The method used in this research was descriptive qualitative approach. In this study, the script was used as source of data. The data collected in several stages. As for the data analysis carried out inductively. First, the data presented as what they were. Then, the points of character development were presented in accordance with the proposal in the Indonesian national character and cultural education. As a final stage, the conclusion was made based on the data that has been analyzed to answer the research question. The end result of this research was that there were eleven of the eighteen points of character development found in the script. Those points were honest, disciplined, hard working, creative, independent, patriotic, sportive and respectful, studious, caring and compassion, emphaty, and responsible. Then from these results, it was concluded that “Coach Carter” film was a good movie to use as material for movie class.
Keywords: Moral values, Coach Carter, Script

Jurnal halaman 31 – 47

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