Jurnal Wawasan Volume III No.2 – Kukuk Yudiono



The purpose ofthe implementation of this IbM is to help develop both the IRT soy milk thus increasing the quantity and quality of governance in addition to being more modern in order to be able to compete with similar industries already established.

Target of the implementation of IbM this: 1) of the production technology is to produce the design and manufacture of installation to a source of clean water and heating to reduce wood fuel because it is more practical, efficient and environmentally friendly, 2) from the side of the management is to produce a system of financial management which is well documented, 3) of the production process is to produce soy milk that is not easy to settle so it can be marketed in a longer period of time. The method used is: a) consultation (discussion and equalization perception), b) education, c) training, d) demonstration tool.

The results achieved are the start of the discussion and harmonization program IbM with partners and have fulfilled the whole program a desired partner of technological aspects such as: the wellbore (depth 31m), water pump, water tank, LPG gas stovea long with hose and regulator (3 set), hearth cooking. Additional program is the manufacture water tank covered with ceramic tiles (1mx 1.75m), and improved hygiene mills. The program of the aspects of management that has been implemented is education and training system of computer-based financial management and marketing expansion counseling, demonstration of use carboxymethylcelullosa (CMC) to increase the resilience of soy milk during marketing.

Keywords: IRT soy milk

Jurnal Wawasan Volume III No.2 HalĀ 48-63

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